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The spray film is liquid applied to your vehicle in an innovative multi-layer process, creating a seamless film coating that fits perfectly. More information

Car “dipping” describes the innovative method of vehicle foiling / wrapping , in which a liquid film , such as paint is sprayed onto the car in several layers. In this multilevel layer process , the individual layers of sprayed foil film combine and create a robust and strong coating that covers the vehicle seamless and allows to remove the “dip” like a classic car wrapping foil. Like in a real varnish, CARDIP spray films are available in all paintcolours and effects such as metallic & pearl and a finish in matt or glossy. Thanks to the use of high performance additives from the modern paint production, it is even possible to use the manufacturers original colours. In combination with the matte or glossy surface finish, the combination possibilities for individualization are nearly endless. Applicable on complete vehicles, rims or individual components, CARDIP Sprayfoil gives each vehicle an individual touch and protects the car paint underneath from external influences such as stone-strokes, scratches and weather.

The clear version of peelable paint offers you an invisible safety coating for your car paint. Up to 90% of all stone chips are not able to penetrate the original paint of your car – tested according to DIN EN ISO 20567-1. The peelable coating on the car acts as a second skin on your vehicle and blocks all the damages like stone chips that would usually affect your vehicles original paint. Therefore you are saving the value of your original paint and also the value of your vehicle, since expensive and low quality re-paints can be avoided. Due to the residue-free removability, the paint protection coating can be peeled off and removed from the car without leaving any adhesive residue. Find out more about paint protection films in the technology section.

The specially developed clearcoats in matte and glossy provide a strong surface sealing and a maximum resistance in daily use. Thanks to the clearcoats, the CARDIP peelable paint is therefore resistant to gasoline and diesel as well as it is to cleaning products like soaps and glass cleaner. The glossy version of can also be sanded and polished like the original car paint. As a result, micro-scratches and superficial damage can simply be polished out - a feature of the highest quality.

Despite the filigree accuracy with which the peelable paint lays on the car, the daily handling is as easy as with modern car paint. Therefore, the CARDIP peelable paint can be washed, maintained and treated with the high-pressure cleaner or even in the fully automatic washing system. The specially developed DIPCARE® care products can be used for reliable and safe cleaning and vehicle care. By using the original DIPCARE® products on the peelable paint, a water and dirt-repellent nano-effect and colors strengthening can be achieved.


PPS paint protection spray

The highly transparent spray film lies invisibly on the original paint of your vehicle and protects it against stone chips, scratches and other environmental influences. Also suitable for vehicles with matte paint.

Matte finish

Striking look in matte. Unlike conventional products, the CARDIP spray film forms one uniform and uniquely smooth surfaces on your vehicle, with easy-care handling due to car wash suitability.

Highloss finish

Even for paint professionals not to be distinguished from the original paint. The clear reflections of CARDIP peelable paint, ensures an original paint / finish. Additionally the high-gloss finish can be polished.


Over 20 pages of inspiration in terms of colour, finish & design concept. Powerful colours and strong designs in matt and high gloss, paired with exclusive vehicles from real projects with CARDIP® spray film.

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CARDIP® peelable paint - matte and gloss finishes on entire cars and individual parts. Modern design concepts for all vehicles. Transparent stone chip protection and strong colors, realized with CARDIP peelable paint.

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Peelable paint

Based on modern painting methods with 2K clear coats. Developed for high-quality surface coating with liquid spray film. Clear paint protection and colours available according to the paint code - in matt and high-gloss.


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