Repaint and protection with peelable paint films

Change the color of the car and protect the factory paint from stone chips and scratches - the options for the coating of vehicles and vehicle parts were previously limited to a complex, permanent paint or a classic vehicle wrapping with limited possibilities. The innovative technology of sprayable and removable paint films combines the advantages of paint and foil and makes it possible to seamlessly coat individual vehicle parts as well as complete vehicles. The spray film optimally adapts to the body shape in the liquid state and makes it possible to 'foil' even complex 3-dimensional shapes such as bumpers and mirrors seamlessly without the use of a knife.

Liquid spray film in direct comparison

Car-Wrap - Basic Dip - CARDIP spray film

The peelable paint adheres to the surface structure of the original paint without the use of adhesive. Your paint remains undamaged underneath and can be set back into its original state if necessary. The possibilities of the removable paint are unlimited even in the exterior area. The coating of attachments such as trim and grille is a revolution in vehicle wrapping. A classic finish achieves a high quality, but is associated with greater effort and a durable coating. Increased disassembling effort and irreversible surface processing are associated with higher costs. For the first time, CARDIP peelable paint offers the opportunity to combine quality and flexibility, combining years of durability and unique surfaces. Through chemical resistance to gasoline and cleaning agents you experience in everyday life easy handling and low maintenance. With unlimited choice of colors and the selectable finish in matt or glossy, you can protect your vehicle and customize it at the same time.

Spray films in comparison

Unlike CARDIP peelable paint films, most of the available spray films are not designed for automotive applications and they usually do not fulfill the basic requirements of a modern surface coating. CARDIP peelable paint has been specially developed for use on automobiles - with the demand for surfaces in paint quality and unlimited possibilities in the selection of vehicle design. In direct comparison to conventional spray foils, CARDIP achieves a durability of several years with special additives and high-performance sealants and is in no way inferior to conventional vehicle painting. Taking care of your vehicle is extremely easy, because CARDIP is suitable for carwash lines, high pressure cleaners and can also be sanded, polished and waxed in the glossy version.

Direct comparison Car-Wrapping
Spray film

Color range
Unlimited color selection: Standard-, effect- and factory colours

Clear coating for high protection only

No cut edges and separations

No use of knives on the varnish

Clear reflections and optics of an factory varnish

Removable without adhesive residue

3D Forms
Complex 3D objects such as rims, grilles, etc.

Slight damage to the film can be repaired

Sanding, polishing, waxing

Permanently suitable for car washes and high-pressure cleaners

Even surface
Haptics similar to factory paint

up to 200 my film thickness and over 90% protection against stone chips

Resistant to cleaning chemicals, petrol and diesel

Scratch resistant
Resistant to slight scratches

Difficult substrates
Coating of chrome and unpainted plastics

Designs, carbon and graphics

not applicable partly applicable applicable

These words describe CARDIP peelable paint best. A surface coating that sticks to the original paint without attacking the paint underneath. With the identical characteristics of an original finish - in combination with strong effects and the modern finishes in matt and high gloss. And additionally, the new paint is completely removeable. Without leaving any unwanted traces. Thanks to the strong performance of our removable spray paint provided by restructured high-end coatings from various industries. Applied in the innovative multi-layer technology, these materials form a smooth, colorful and resistant surface coating on your vehicle.


The combination of flexible binders and highly scratch-resistant clearcoats make our removable coating as resistant as an original paint. Due to the specially compacted structure, the CARDIP peelable paint film has a very high solids content, which makes the film coating strong and dense. Applied in the special multi-layer technology, the individual components form a high-density film coating. Tested under the toughest conditions, CARDIP coatings always delivers convincing performance.

Whether over or under zero degrees, whether sun or snow - the CARDIP removable spray paint withstands icy cold and burning sun without any problems. The special high-performance additives in our products, make the surface just as durable as a conventional paint and deliver both at -40 ° and at + 50 ° degrees Celsius the equally perfect performance in terms of resilience and resistance. Constructed like a modern paint, our modern spray film ensures a strong resistance to gasoline, diesel and cleaning chemicals, so you only experience benefits in daily use.

CARDIP peelable paint film fits like a second skin to your original vehicle paint and protects it from stone chips and scratches. The film coating is highly transparent and can neither be seen nor felt. The multi-layer technology ensures that all areas are covered and protected. Over 90% of all stone chips do not penetrate to the paint.

Tested according to DIN-EN-ISO 20567-1:
Multi-impact testing for automotive coatings.
The stone impact test is a globally recognized, standardized test method for testing the stone impact resistance of vehicle coatings.

up to 200 my

Layer thickness for optimal protection

up to 90 percent

Resistance against stone chips


The modern car paint has a layer thickness of about 100my - this corresponds to 0.1mm. About half of it is corrosion protection and primer and is under the top coat. This leaves about 50my or 0.05mm of the actual paint, which flakes off from the primer in the event of stone chips. Of this, about 40%, i.e. 0.02mm, is due to the top coat, which gives the vehicle the actual colour, and 60%, i.e. 0.03mm, to the clear coat layers on top, which seal the top coat, produce chemical and mechanical resistance and a uniform finish in matt or high gloss. In order to protect the original paint of a vehicle, the surface coating should be as thick as possible, so that the impacting stones have to penetrate as thick a coating as possible to damage the original clear paint or the underlying top coat. The stronger and denser the protective film is, the more energy is taken away from the impacting stones and the lower the degree of damage in the original paint. Normal paint protection films of the adhesive technology usually have an initial thickness of 200my, which can be greatly reduced by heating and pulling around the component during the application of the adhesive films. Colored adhesive films usually have an even lower layer thickness of about 100my. The stronger the adhesive film, the worse it can be used without unattractive edges and cuts for bonding to strongly shaped components. When using the CARDIP spray film, all areas can be evenly and seamlessly coated using the multi-layer process in order to protect the entire vehicle from stone chips and scratches. A higher number of layers can be applied to particularly stressed areas to provide more than 200my where needed. It makes no difference whether the spray film is coloured, transparent, glossy or matt. There are numerous reasons to seal the car paint with a paint protection film, but there are even more reasons to do so with a spray film:

Seamless: The liquid applied spray film adapts optimally to any car body shape and thus allows a coating completely without cuts and edges.
Invisible: Thanks to the use of special clear coats, the 'foiled' areas are absolutely indistinguishable from the non-foiled components. This protects the front of the vehicle virtually invisibly and preserves the clear reflections of the original paint.
Polishable: Like a classic car paint, the protective film can be sanded and polished. This means that in case of damage or scratching no new coating is necessary and the film can be 'refreshed' and sealed at any time.
Adhesive-free: The paint protection film adheres to the surface by adhesion; Compared to the classic stone chip protection film, there is no glue that could attack or affect the original car paint. The combination of flexible binders and highly scratch-resistant clearcoats make our sprayable coatings resistant as an original paint and protect against (almost) everything.

Real effects and original factory colors – with CARDIP spray films, you can let your vehicle shine in all colors and effects, which are also possible in a classic paint job. Whether standard UNI, RAL, or the original colors of car manufacturers. Every color, for every car.


Colors & effects

Any color available, including OEM. Uni, or with effects like pearl and metallic. The special pigments in the color provide a characteristic effect in different light conditions.


Striking look through a matte finish. In contrast to conventional products, the matt finish of the CARDIP removable paint impresses with its uniquely smooth surface and is just as durable as it is easy to clean.


Even for paint professionals not to be distinguished from the original paint. Clear reflections ensure an original finish. Additionally the highgloss finish can be polished and waxed.

Whether rough car wash or sensitive hand wash:
Maintain your vehicle as usual simply and without conversion. The multi-component structure of the CARDIP spray film withstands all usual influences and allows mechanical polishing of the surface in the event of scratches, just like a paint.

CARDIP DIPCARE® high-performance care products allow you to clean your vehicle coated with spray film quickly and reliably. The care additives give the spray film more colour depth and a protective nano layer after each use. Specially developed for the care of spray films.

Car wash

Due to the multi-layer technology, any non-absorbent substrate can be coated. In addition to painted surfaces, "unpaintable" surfaces such as plastic and chrome can also be coated and individualised.

Conventional films are cast on an assembly line - CARDIP spray film is applied directly to your vehicle in the liquid preliminary stage and thus produces a seamless film coating no matter how complex the shape is.

Everything at zero - through residue-free removal. Specially designed for high durability, our spray film has a very high adhesive strength to any substrate. Despite the high adhesive force, it can be removed without leaving any residue if required. Adhesive through adhesion, unlike conventional film, no adhesive is used that can attack the original paint.


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