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Matt. Glossy. Highly transparent. CARDIP spray film is a must-have for every limousine. As soon as the powerful pigments of the CARDIP spray film cover the body, your vehicle becomes an exclusive and protected one-of-a-kind car. The liquid film adheres to the components like a razor and forms a seamless film coating.

Starting at 2790,-
From 233,-/mo. with 0 % intrest up to 12 months.

Create your individual vehicle design on the highest level with CARDIP spray film. Whether the subsequent design of a shadow line or the transformation of chrome into fine aluminium. The modern spray film wraps itself perfectly around all individual components and allows any optical composition. Roof, mirror, diffuser and trim. Customisable, down to the smallest component.

Starting at 390,-
From 33,-/mo. with 0 % intrest up to 12 months.

The color of asphalt.
Strong grey matte with large metallic pigments.

Starting at 590,-
From 50,-/mo. with 0 % intrest up to 12 months.

Striking & decent.
The sporty casual look.

Starting at 590,-
From 50,-/mo. with 0 % intrest up to 12 months.

Luxurious gloss. Deepest black.
The best match to black exterior.

Starting at 590,-
From 50,-/mo. with 0 % intrest up to 12 months.

CARDIP® spray film forms a highly transparent paint protection film in a multi-layer process with double the paint thickness, which absorbs more than 90% of the stone chips. Seal your car's paint for lasting protection without compromising appearance. For daily protection against stones, scratches, soot and dirt. Like a second skin, CARDIP Spray Film fits onto your original paint and protects it with twice the thickness. In addition to individual areas, CARDIP spray film also protects complete vehicles and preserves the original paint - whether matt or high gloss.

Tested according to DIN EN ISO 20567-1 - Multi-impact test for automotive coatings:
Very good resistance to multiple stone impacts (0.5).
Globally recognized, standardized test method for testing the stone impact resistance of vehicle coatings.

Starting at 1390,-
From 116,-/mo. with 0 % intrest up to 12 months.

Over 20 pages of inspiration in terms of colour, finish & design concept. Powerful colours and strong designs in matt and high gloss, paired with exclusive vehicles from real projects with CARDIP® spray film.

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CARDIP® peelable paint - matte and gloss finishes on entire cars and individual parts. Modern design concepts for all vehicles. Transparent stone chip protection and strong colors, realized with CARDIP peelable paint.

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