01.04.2021 - After intense development, CARDIP® is launching the latest product generation of the successful test-winning peelable paint films in April 2021. The new product system is based on the innovative Easy-Peel-Polymer(TM), is water-based and brings numerous advantages for users and customers in addition to environmental friendliness.

- Even easier to remove
- Dry film thickness of 50mμ per layer
- 300mμ total layer thickness in multi-layer process(TM)
- A single product for transparent and colored film coatings applied by the spraying process
- For coloring compatible with water-based paints
- CARDIP® 2K HS ClearCoats for high gloss and satin finishes

The new water-based spray film will seamlessly replace the previous solvent-based system on 01.04.2021. Customers can obtain the new product generation immediately from their CARDIP partner. Users can obtain the new product generation of CARDIP® spray film immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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